As a limited company is your website compliant with Companies Act 2006?

With new legislation coming out every day it is often very hard to keep up to date with all the legislation especially if you are an SME. Not only that but legal fees can escalate just trying to keep up to date because we are often so busy dealing with clients or looking for new customers that often small bits of legislation just seem to be on our list of 'things to do' later.

There is so much free information out on the web but it is often quite hard to find the real value needed to keep up to date.

Many companies have such a large presence on the internet now that just keeping up to date with latest rules and regulations can be often quite time consuming. Data Protection has now become such a buzz word that businesses need to ensure that they are compliant with customer details, especially if you have a ecommerce site or even when running any kind of competition which will entail personal data being gathered up.

MacKlamm Consultancy specialises in helping SME's comply saving them time, expensive legal fees by checking their websites and/or other communication means to ensure that they have all the right information displayed in all their communications.

Check out our Companies Act 2006 page to see if you comply with the latest communication compliance.

We also advise in all aspects of data protection includng a cookie policy statement and advise for your website and privacy policy.

With our partners in the Middle East we now offer independent research and advisory providing market intelligence and strategic advice on a diverse set of industries across the Middle East and Africa including due diligence.

Sme and sole trader's are often so busy running their business or starting up that they dont have time to do bookkeeping or their accounts we can now offer with over 6 years experience in accountancy bookkeeping and accountancy services.










Is your Website, Emails and all documentation sent to clients compliant under the Companies Act 2006?

Do you collect customers data are you compliant under the Data Protection Act 1998?

Is your website cookie compliant? There is a potential of up to £500k fine for non compliance can you afford it?

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