As a limited company is your website compliant with Companies Act 2006?

Since the Companies Act 2006 came into force it has been mandatory for all Limited Companies, PLC's and LLPs to have certain information displayed on all their communications whether it be on their website, emails, letterheaded paper, complimentary slips or other means of communication sent by the company to a client, potential client or as a means of communication to an 'entity'.

Non compliance can result in a large fine.

If you answer is yes to any or all of the above then your company must display the following on all of the above:

The government's transparency agenda of providing easier access to public data makes it now easier to provide your company data by linking directly to Companies House so that your clients can easily access regulatory data direct from Companies House site.

For an example click on the registration number below or check out our contact us page and click on the company registration number

Company Registration No: SC205333








Is your Website, Emails and all documentation sent to clients compliant under the Companies Act 2006?

Do you collect customers data are you compliant under the Data Protection Act 1998?